AiRPX Techops has developed an innovative and performant predictive maintenance solution based on a number of flights remaining before the failure. Our target is to eliminate non-scheduled maintenance in the Airlines operation life.

Our technology works on any type of aircraft independently of their brand.

MOQA 4.0

Our services are the next generation of Maintenance Operation Quality Assurance Solution for all operators of aircraft, commercial as military. Inspired by Industry 4.0 strategy, AiRPX Techops uses Artificial Intelligence solution to deliver a breakthrough service.

With a totally agnostic approach to the data, AiRPX Techops proposes a family of services adding predictive maintenance : Flight Optimisation calculator, MTBF dynamic simulator, Asset Value Management.

About us

Set-up in 2014, AiRPX Techops is a forerunner in predictive maintenance with successful testing on million flight hours on Airbus and Boeing aircraft. The executive team has a strong experience in aviation industry, working in the past as high-ranking directors in major Airlines, OEMs or as high-ranking military officers.

In order to promote a global Maintenance 4.0, we support our clients to change their supply chain management as it is impacted by predictive maintenance. We have a specialized team to build big data infrastructure and help our clients in their strategy to operate the next generation of tools in the MOQA 4.0.


AiRPX Techops.

10 rue de Penthièvre - 75008 - Paris - France

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Our company is developing with our partners full support for airlines by integrating end to end service for their equipments based on predictive maintenance.

Your data are totally locked and secured. Our partners can access these data if our clients allow it only.


From our technology of aerospace industry to alert to failure of equipment, we developped a software to reduce the risk in Finance. In this spirit, we provide predictive alerts on index failure.

With a strong track records in aerospace industry, we are able to bring our risk expertise for the capital market and we are developing a specific track record in this.